• Elegant and efficient: the Walltherm ®
  • High-end solar thermal collectors: KA88/2002
Solar thermal systems

Solar thermal systems

Flat plate collectors

Thanks to decades of experience, research and development our solar collectors have become a yardstick of quality and efficiency. 

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Walltherm® woodstoves

Walltherm® woodstoves

Wood gasification boiler

The WALLTHERM® is the first water heating wood gasification stove for the livingroom. Also available as an AIR model.

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Storage tanks

LOGIX 24 Storage tanks

Stratified solar tanks

Our LOGIX24 storage tanks allow the production of domestic hot water and the simple connection to a solar thermal plant.

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Wallnöfer Ltd.

Solar thermal collectors & Walltherm stoves

Wallnöfer produces energy systems since more than 30 years. Our experience, research and development has lead to high performance and high quality products like the KA88/2002 solar thermal collector and the unique Walltherm® wood gasification stove.

News & Fundings

Hearth & Home Exhibition Award

We are very proud to announce that our partner Firepower Heating (www.firepowerheating.co.uk) received the award "the best woodstove with more...details

Exhibitions & Shows

Messen-DEIFH Intherm 2024 - Nuremberg

Südwest Messe

On the IFH exhibition the Walltherm will be presented

Messen-ITProgetto Fuoco 2024 - Verona

Progetto fuoco

We will show you the Walltherm® woodstove and our solar thermal collectors