• Our factory in Prato allo Stelvio
    Wallnöfer H.F. factory
  • Our factory in Prato allo Stelvio
    Wallnöfer H.F. factory

Our company Wallnöfer Ltd. - energy systems


In 1966 the company was founded by Heinrich Franz Wallnöfer in Odense, Denmark.
He started building tunnel kilns and special devices for the ceramic industry.


Six years later he foundet a small company in Southtyrol where he produced parts for the tunnel kilns.

In 1973, Wallnöfer and two engineers from Denmark built their first solar panel and solar plant because of the ongoing energy crisis.
They used tecniques and know-how from the radiator production to construct their first absorber.

1982 Wallnöfer moved to Prad am Stilfserjoch where he bought a factory. There he managed to build a machine which can form a round coppertube to a flat pipe resistant to 116 psi of pressure. With these flat pipes Wallnöfer produced the full-copper absorber KA88. In the following years this absorber and the collector was further developed and soon it had the best F´ - value and an eta-0 of 88%. This meant, the Wallnöfer- solar thermal collecor had the highest efficiency in it´s class.

Complete solar thermal plants

In addition to the high heat transfer values Wallnöfer later managed to achieve a pressure resistance of up to 145 psi for the flat pipe.

The automated production of these pipes and the whole system are protected by a european patent.

In 1997 Wallnöfer invented the W-SS Solarsystem that uses thermohydraulic forces to create a 3-way storage tank stratification. This system doesn´t need any secondary pumps or electrical valves.

Walltherm® Wood gasifications stoves

After a long time of testing and development finally in 2006 Wallnöfer presented the world´s first water heating wood-gasification stove for the livingroom.


Hearth & Home Exhibition Award

We are very proud to announce that our partner Firepower Heating (www.firepowerheating.co.uk) received the award "the best woodstove with more...details