• Elegant and efficient: the Walltherm ®
  • High-end solar thermal collectors: KA88/2002


To reduce emmissions and climate change, it`s very important to use renewable energy sources, such as the sun or wood.

As there are many different heating systems, it is necessary to compare and check them, before you decide in which one to invest your money.

It won´t take long until you realise that our targets always were and will be, to produce high quality products, both in efficiency and reliability.

Solar thermal systems

Flat plate collectors

Flat plate collectors

Thanks to decades of experience, research and development our solar collectors have become a yardstick of quality and efficiency.

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The WALLTHERM® is the first water heating wood gasification stove for the livingroom. Also available as an AIR model.

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Storage tanks

Stratification tank Logix24

Stratification tank

Our LOGIX24 storage tanks allow the production of domestic hot water and the simple connection to a solar thermal plant.

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