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The stratified storage tank LOGIX24

The core of every heating system

Our LOGIX24 is a stratified storage tank which contains the heating water and can also produce domestic hot water through a stainless steel coil. The coil has a big exchanging surface which ensures a fast heating of the domestic hot water eve, if the content of the coil is relatively small.

As a result of numerious connectors it is possible to use multiple heating sources.

Heat produced by the solar thermal collectors is sent into the inner solar heat exchanger. This works with natural stratification, which means the hottest water is always loaded into the top part of the tank. Even on days with little sun the top part of the tank can get hot first, making it possible to heat up the domestic hot water.

The LOGIX24 doesn´t use electronical valves or pumps for it´s stratification process, it works solely with natural stratification.

The many capabilities of the LOGIX24

Domestic hot water is heated through the stainless steel coil in the LOGIX24 tank. If you open a tap in your house the fresh water will enter into the coil at the bottom of the tank. It will then heat up while running up trough the coil and exit the top part of the tank flowing to the opened tap.

Because of the coil´s big exchanging surface you can use multiple showers at the same time without any significant drop in hot water temperature.

On the picture you can see the many possibilities to connect different heating sources to the LOGIX24.


Frequently asked questions

How much water can a solar thermal collector heat in one day?

On a sunny day a panel with 2,0 m² can heat around 150l of water while the 2,5m² model can heat up 200L.

How big does the storage tank need to be?

Fore every m² of solar thermal collectors you should have 80L of storage tank volume. If the solar plant is too big compared to the storage tank, it could overheat more easily. If you are on holiday and no one is at home using hot water, the solar controller can activate a cooling function. This will allow the solar pump to start at night, sending hot water from the storage tank to the solar plant to cool it down.

Combitank, puffertank or boiler?

The decision which storage tank to choose depends from a few factors. For domestic hot water production only, the boiler is the obvious choise, because in it, it contains the domestic hot water.  The size of a boiler would normally be 200-500L for a single-family home.

If the solar thermal plant is not only used to heat the domestic hot water, but also the heating water, a boiler is not ideal. you would either choose a puffer or a combi tank. A puffer tank contains the heating water, domestic hot water can only be produced by an external heat exchanger or a similar device. A combi tank like the Logix24 is a puffer tank with an integrated stainless steel coil for the domestic hot water production. The Logix24 also has a solar heat exchanger mode of copper inside.

Puffer and combi tanks are normally bigger than boilers, because they offer the possibility to connect multiple heating sources like for instance a wood stove.

What does stratification mean?

The Logix24 is a stratified solar combi tank, this means the heat of the solar thermal collectors is sent to the tank and the internal heat exchanger loads the heat to the exact spot where it´s needed. The top of the tank contains the hottest water and the bottom part contains the coldest water. The stratification heat exchanger charges the hot water into the hot area of the tank and avoids hot water getting mixed with colder water. So if the storage tank is completely cold and the solar thermal plant starts working, the hot water coming from the plant is loaded into the top part of the tank first, making it possible to heat domestic hot water relatively quickly, even if most of the storage tank is still cold.