• Elegant and efficient: Walltherm® woodstoves
    Walltherm® woodstoves
  • Elegant and efficient: Walltherm® woodstoves
    Elegant and efficient: Walltherm® woodstoves

Insulation system quick firepanel

Radiant heat reduction for the Zebrú

The Quick firepanel insulation was developed for the Zebrú model and is used to reduce the radiant heat significantly. If you combine the Quick firepanel insulation with radiant reduction glasses you can insulate the stove by up to 50%.

This insulation system is composed of gypsum fibre panels with ceramic fibre insulation on the inner side. They are arranged around the stove and fixed with a plug-in system, this means the inslallation is very easy and doesn´t require technical experience.

The plug-in system makes it possible to mount the Quick firepanel system on already installed stoved.

The gypsum fibre panels which form the outside of this insulation system can be plastered and then painted with any color emulsion paint.

Please note: It´s not possible to combine this with a front cover!

Items deliverd with the Quick firepanel insulation

  • Gypsum fibre panels with plug-in brackets
  • Longer cover for fittings
  • 2 Plug-in frames
  • Screws and small parts
  • Installation manual